Connecting girls across America

Providing resources and support to girls and young women


The Alpha Girls Institute is dedicated to advancing and inspiring young women from all racial, religious and socioeconomic backgrounds by providing scholarships.

We provide resources for the next generation’s leaders by facilitating mentorship and empowering young women to start clubs in their communities.

Our virtual and live events bring together successful women, allies and advocates from a variety of industries and trades to share key lessons for success.

Equity in opportunity

Traditional gender norms are amplified in pop culture during the adolescent years.  Because of that male students begin to dominate the classroom and participate more.  Leading teachers to engage with the male students more than the female students.  At AGI, we provide young girls with the tools and resources to go beyond those limiting beliefs.  For them to build their confidence and move beyond traditional gender roles.  To become leaders within the classroom. We exist to give girls and young women the tools and inspiration needed to succeed.

Become an Alpha Girls Partner

We invite companies, nonprofits, and individuals to collaborate with us on creating opportunities for young women across the U.S.