Advancing Women in the Workplace via Storytelling

Join this workshop to learn how to use the power of story telling to advance women on your team, division, and company.

It’s Not Boasting, Own It

Throughout generations women have been socialized in thinking that speaking about themselves, their merits, accomplishments, money, even failures and challenges is impolite conversation, or that they are things to be modest about or even keep to yourself and in private. It is time to shine light and undo these teachings that place limitations on the women’s voice and the power it holds to unleash their true potential and connectivity with others to advance equity. In this workshop you will learn to tell your story authentically, with comfort, confidence, and unabashed to seize the opportunities that present themselves or you go after in your life.

I am an Alpha Girl Because…

In this experiential storytelling session women will harness the power of their voice and bring their story to life. Each participant will receive a notecard and writing utensils to craft their story and share it center-stage while a band of Alpha Girls cheers her on.

Storytelling for Self-Advocacy

In this workshop you will learn how to look for opportunities to champion your own work, believe in your own value, and advocate on your own behalf especially in times when you are being undervalued. For instance, when a colleague or boss offers you an opportunity that is good but not great, you will walk away with tools to navigate that discussion to ask for more. Remember: A win for you is a win for women.


Perfectionism is Your Enemy

As women many times we stall our own career progression. Striving for perfection we hold our own selves back in taking on new opportunities. The self-sabotage is ever present when we tell our selves things like “we are not yet ready” to take on the new role, or “just need more time” before we can go after that next job we very so desire. In separate instances we are not exactly sure what next step to take so we stall out completely. In this workshop you will to identify when perfection is impeding your progress, and learn practical tools to adopt a revisionist mindset to keep moving forward and maximize your career journey.

Women, Salary Negotiations, and Equal Pay

The average woman working in a male-dominated firm, is paid more than the average woman in a more integrated company. The bad news is that within those male dominated industries, women tend to cluster at the bottom of the pay scale. The true gender pay-gap is hard to measure, but, when making apples-to-apples comparisons, most economists put it at ten to twenty percent. Gender differences in salary negotiations play a significant role in the pay gap. Men are four times more likely to negotiate their starting salary, and on average negotiations result in higher pay. Let’s even the inequity and learn to confidently negotiate your salary through this workshop’s facilitated discussion and role-play.

You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play

Women of all ages need to take more risks. These don’t have to be monumental life-structure changing risks. Start with ones that push the needle to get you out of your comfort zone and into the game. In this breakout session you will hear from women about the risks they took that galvanized their career journey and get to ideate alongside them for actionable steps you can take to do the same.

You Have to Be Brave, To Be Vulnerable

When feelings of vulnerability strike, they are typically quickly buried. There are probably many reasons why women refrain from sharing these types of stories including fearing they will come off as weak and be more easily prayed on. However, such constraints limit us from reaching our fullest potential. There is a lot of power that comes with being vulnerable as it takes a high degree of bravery to do so. In this breakout session you will hear the personal stories from Alpha Girls on their perspective with this topic and how it propelled them to greater personal freedom, strengthened relationships, and great heights.


Male Camp for Gender Equality

Male Allies are instrumental in advancing equity. These allies are bosses, junior associates, brothers, colleagues, friends, and dads. You are an ally. Attend this workshop to learn actionable steps on how you can serve as a male ally to support and promote the Alpha Girls around you.

Make Male Allies

Making male allies is essential to advancing gender equity in the workplace. In this workshop you will learn how to find male allies, build trusting and loyal relationships with them, and learn to communicate how they can help you.

Women & Men as Allies for Social Justice

This session connects male allies and women in the workforce on how they can work together to steer change toward leveling the gender balance for an inclusive modern business experience.

Male Ally’s Center Stage

In this interactive session men will be invited to take the mic and share with the group why they are a male ally for women. Men fill out cards and share their stories of “I’m an ally because…”

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