Center for the enhancement of women at work

At the AGI we know you want to be a leader within your industry. In order to do that, you need resources and a community to assist you in creating workable, scalable solutions for women as leaders and employees. 

The problem has been that you don’t have access to the right tools. The Alpha Girls PowHER Hub is where companies enable women and allies to learn, share, innovate and network.  We believe that every woman should have a community to draw from.  This is why we have  made it our mission to pull real-life stories from the world’s most inspiring women to develop microlessons.

Here’s How You do It:


Tell us about your
company goals


Julian & team will develop a HUB specifically for your company and/or event


Be the organization that gives its attendees the knowledge and the resources to become a leader in your industry

Create your own personalized PowHER Hub

Find out more and start planning your PowHER Hub.

Power of Story

Advancing Women in the Workplace Via Storytelling
It’s Not Boasting, Own It
I am an Alpha Girl Because…
Storytelling for Self-Advocacy

Risk-Taking Women

Perfectionism is Your Enemy
Women, Salary Negotiations, and Equal Pay
You Can’t Win If You Don’t Play
You Have to Be Brave, To Be Vulnerable

Alliances for Gender Equality

Male Camp for Gender Equality
Make Male Allies
Women & Men as Allies for Social Justice
Male Ally’s Center Stage

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